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As a species, we develope moral and physical rules and limitations. Yet, our enviorment, our colture and ourselves always wants us to strive to be exceptional, limitless, like never seen before. 

Our mind is a riddle-

and oh, how I love riddles.

Questions are the indicator of interest, of affinity.  When I look at life and art as patterns, I try to learn and ask questions.
How our imagination affects our life? How subjective illusion can affect a human being? how our body works to supply our thoughts, how our imagination builds itself, how are we forming a physical shape to things in our mind, how do we form patterns of thinking and more.

As I try to ask those burning questions of mine, I try to have a "bird's eye view" and to separate my work examination and my inter-personal life-experiences.


Studies and Main mediums of interest








Fashion & Sewing 

Illustrator, Photoshop and Premier 

Fine Arts Bachelor degree,
Hamidrasha //Beit Berl

Social Branding & marketing design

Search engine optimization

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